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Upcoming IPO In India (2022)

The initial public offering is regulated under the SEBI guidelines where company offer their share to the public, collect funds from them, and get listed on the stock exchange. IPO's are a good opportunity for those investors who want to make short-term listing gains or invest for the long term in good companies.

IPOs are less risky, available at a reasonable price, and the application process is so easy. In 2022 more than 30 companies will launch their IPO and listed on the stock market. Below you can find the list of all the upcoming IPOs in India with a company overview and other important information like date, issue size, and other details.

Current IPO Statistics

IPO window will remain open from 10 AM till 4:30 PM on trading days.






Barbeque Nation IPO

24 March

26 March

₹452.87 Cr.


Suryoday Small Finance Bank IPO

17 March

19 March

 ₹582.34 Cr.


Nazara Technologies IPO

17 March

19 March

₹582.91 Cr.


Kalyan Jewellers IPO

16 March

18 March

₹1,175.00 Cr.


Laxmi Organic IPO

15 March

17 March

₹600 Cr.


Craftsman Automation Ltd IPO

15 March

17 March

₹823.70 Cr.


Anupam Rasayan IPO

12 March

16 March

₹760.00 Cr.


EaseMyTrip IPO

08 March

10 March

₹510 Cr.


MTAR Technologies Limited IPO

3 March

5 March

₹596 Cr.


Heranba Industries IPO

23 Feb

25 Feb

₹625 Cr.


RailTel IPO

16 Feb

18 Feb

₹819 Cr.


Nureca IPO

15 Feb

17 Feb

₹100 Cr.


Bookfiled India REIT  IPO

3 Feb

5 Feb

₹3800 Cr.


IPO Calendar 2022

Here the list of Upcoming IPOs which will be launched in 2022.




PharmEasy IPO


₹6250 Cr.



₹7300 Cr.

Boat IPO


₹2000 Cr.



₹8430 Cr.

Hinduja Leyland Finance IPO


₹500 Cr.

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO


₹1350 Cr.

Penna Cement IPO


₹1550 Cr.

Last IPO Performance

You can also check the last IPO's list with their date, subscription rate, and listing gain/loss.

listing Date

IPO Name



Listing Gain/Loss

3 June 2022

Aether Industries Limited IPO




1 June 2022

eMudhra Limited IPO




30 May 2022

Ethos Limited IPO




27 May 2022

Paradeep Phosphates Limited IPO




24 May 2022

Venus Pipes & Tubes Limited IPO




24 May 2022

Delhivery Limited IPO




20 May 2022

Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Limited IPO 




17 May 2022

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) IPO 




10 May 2022

Rainbow Children's Medicare Limited IPO 




9 May 2022

Campus Activewear Limited IPO




Easy Way to Invest In IPO!

Highest Subscribed IPOs In 2020

Talking about the last year, these 8 IPOs were the most subscribed in 2020.

Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities

106.79% (Gain)

Magazon Dock Shipbuilders

19.31% (Gain)

Burger King India

130.67% (Gain)

Happiest Minds Technologies

123.49% (Gain)

chemcon speciality chemicals

72% (Gain)

rossari biotech

74.67% (Gain)

Route Mobile

86.03% (Gain)

computer age management

13.95% (Gain)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPO?

When a company wants to grow its business they need money. For this, the company offers shares to the public and collects funds from them under the rules & regulations of SEBI, this entire process is called Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Why Initial Public Offering is Important?

The IPO is the most important thing for every company because for the first time the company offers its shares to the public and listed on the stock exchange. Then anyone can buy and sell those company's shares in the stock market.

What is the important document a company has to submit to SEBI before bringing an IPO?

Draft Red Herring Prospectus & Red Herring Prospectus which gives complete information about the IPO and the company.

What information does DRHP and RHP contain?

  • IPO Dates
  • IPO Risk
  • Size of IPO
  • Price of Share
  • Number of Shares
  • Investor Category
  • Objects of the Issue
  • Financial Data of Company
  • IPO Lead Manager & Promoters.
  • and other details.

What is the meaning of IPO Lot Size?

The lot size is a fixed number of shares (group) offer by the company to retail investors. Because in the IPO market you can't buy the single or any random numbers of shares. For example, if the lot size is 20 shares then you have to buy in multiples of 20 shares like 20, 40, 60, or 80 as per terms of the IPO.

What is the IPO Issue Size?

Basically, it is the total value of the IPO. (IPO Issue Size = Total number of shares issued x Issue Price of the Shares)

What is the minimum & maximum limit of IPO Investment?

The IPO minimum bid amount limit is Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 which is decided by the company through lot size and price. While the maximum limit of investment in an IPO is Rs. 2 lakhs for retail investors.

What is IPO Price Band?

The price band is a range of two prices, we call it upper limit and lower limit which is offered by the company to the investor for IPO. (Example 94 - 96)

Should I Invest in IPOs?

It depends on your knowledge, understanding, and risk appetite. Because if you cannot analyze the financial data of the companies, market direction, and other things then how do you know whether the IPO is good or bad for you. So if you are thinking buy any IPO, then do the right analysis first or get advice from experts.

How to apply online for IPO?

Yes you can but first you need a demat account. After which you can apply in these three ways - 1. Internet Banking | 2. Trading Apps and | 3. Your Stock Broker.

What are the charges to apply in IPO?

There are no charges. IPO application process is totally free

Can I Invest In IPO without Demat Account?

You can't buy shares or apply for an IPO without Demat Account because shares are stored digitally through demat account only. 

What is the best demat account for IPO?

Zerodha is the best demet account for every investment pupose. 

How to Apply In IPO Through Zerodha?

1. Open demat account in Zerodha.

2. Install Zerodha Kite App.
3. Enter Username & Password to Log in.
4. Go in your Profile/Account.
5. Click on the IPO button in the Console section.
6. Select the IPO you want to apply for.
7. Now you can see the all details related to IPO.
8. Enter your UPI ID, Select Investor Type, and set lot size.
9. Click on the Checkbox and Submit.
10. After that you will get the payment request.
11. Click on the UPI-Mandate collect request and done the payment.
12. And finally your IPO application will be summited and you will get the confirmation message shortly.

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A complete list of Upcoming IPO in India is provided on this page, we have also covered the Current IPO, future IPO, last IPO performance, as well as highest subscribed IPOs in 2020. If you still have any queries or thoughts about the IPO then tell me in the comment box. 

Important Note:

This page is only for education purposes only and it should not be treated as an investment advise. All your investments are at your own risk, so do your own research or consult with your financial advisor before investing in stocks or any asset.

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